Are Soy wax candles...

We get asked all the time what the fuss is all about when it comes to soy candles - are they safe, are they vegan, are they toxic, do they burn faster and so on..  so we thought we would share a few facts below and help you find the joy of soy! 

Are Soy candles vegan?
Yes they are. Soy wax is a totally natural wax product made from Soy beans though originally from South East Asia are now grown in many places including America and South Africa. The wax is made from harvesting, drying and rolling the beans into flakes. The oil from these flakes is what produces can be melted at a medium temperature and mixed with essential oils to produce a beautiful soft candlewax that is 100% eco-friendly, sustainable and vegan! Leftover bean husks from the process are turned into animal feed making it a low waste product aswell. 

Are Soy candles cruelty free?
This is a bit misleading as it isn't the product that is cruelty-free but the process. We make sure that we only ever work with candle makers (or chandlers if you're a bit posh) who pledge to never test their waxes, fragrances or oils on animals in any way. All of the candles sold on Wicks & Reeds are handmade in the UK in small batches by local producers who we know and trust which is really, really important to us. 

Are soy candles cheap?
Like most things it comes down to brand and size and quality of the ingredients used. Traditional machine made parrafin candles can be cheap but there is a high environmental cost - not to mention they contain all kinds of nasties that you really wouldn't want to burn in your home if you thought about it for too long. There are so many wonderful people making soy wax candles by hand in the UK that the prices have become quite affordable these days. And as the wax is softer than paraffin and therefore can infuse and hold more fragrance oils, they produce a more intense scent throw which we think makes them great value for money. 

Are soy candles safe for dogs? 
Yes but it's important to consider which wick and oils are used too. Soy candles, and other 100% vegetable oil waxes like coconut and rapeseed are harmless to dogs as long as they are made with pure cotton wicks that are unbleached. Most fragrances are totally fine for dogs (and birds, and cats!) though can be an irritant for very small aquarium fish if the candle is positioned too close to a tank. If you are really concerned or not sure, we're always happy to give advice.

Are Soy candles toxic? 
Nope. And that's why we love them. We believe that buying and burning natural candles is a great way to enhance wellbeing, the atmosphere of a room and an overall sense of "aahhhh"

But the opposite can be said for paraffin candles. They contain parabens which can be carconogenic, aluminium and other metals, lead wicks, formaldehyde (honestly!) and lab made synthetic fragrance oils. It's enough to give you - and your dog -  a headache to say the least! 

It's hard to argue with the benefits of soy candles when you weight it all up but try them out for yourself and see what you think, we reckon you'll never go back! 

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