Bee-hind the scenes - introducing "Bee True" Honey & Oat wax medallions

vegan natural soy wax melts and candles including honey & oatmeal wax at



We recently discovered these special wax melts and have been buzzing with excitement ever since. Now we're pleased to bring them to you - and we think you're going to love them too!

From their bright bee-yellow, to the super comforting honey scent with layers of oatmeal and chamomile -  to their bold, chunky size. Everything about them stands out... honestly - you're going to want to take a bite. (Please don't!) 

True to the Wicks & Reeds mission to sell products that are "Good for you - good to nature" - these little beauties are 100% organic, handmade Eco-friendly soy wax, vegan and cruelty-free.  We approve! 

Made by Helena and her little helpers in Devon, we like them a lot. And there is a LOT to like too as each medallion measures almost 6cm x 2cm and weighs in at a bee-yond belief 25g!  We tried burning a whole one on a conventional size oil burner and now we can firmly recommend that you take on half at a time at most! Just cut one into halves or quarters with a knife and you'll be set. Pop into a ceramic oil burner for best results. 

One of these melts will give you approximately 8 hours burn time!

Fancy grabbing some of your own?  Good news - we've got them right here and what's even better is we've taken the sting out of the price with 2 pieces now on sale for only £3.99! 

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