Best Reed Diffusers: Our 2021 favourites

We couldn't really launch our new Wicks & Reeds blog and not talk about the "reeds" side of things! We're obsessed with reed diffusers so we thought we would share our favourites as well as some tips and tricks for making your reed diffuser last longer and of course in true Wicks & Reeds style, talking about all the wonderful eco-friendly, cruelty-free and vegan options that are available.  

You can find all of these aroma diffusers for sale in our Reed Diffuser category over here as well as reviews and new arrivals
Our Top 5 Reed Diffuser Choices for 2021 

1.  "Relax" by Nala
Best for: Relaxation, Sleep, Aromatherapy, Mindfulness & Meditation
Price: £29.99
Scents: Ylang Ylang, Lavender & Juniper Berry
Buy it here
By Nala Reed Diffusers are 100% Essential Oil Reed Diffuser with soft natural reeds and stylish amber bottles

2. "Eve" by Sissie Green
Best for: Clearing your mind, recharging, freshness, concentration
Price: £29.99 Gift set - includes matching Eve Soy candle!
Scents: Cedarwood, Musk, Eucalyptus & Siberian Pine
Buy it here

Sissie Green Reed Diffuser & candle gift sets are available at in many fragrances

3. "Mummy Bee" by Bee Fayre
Best for: Mums! Specifically designed to refresh, relax and soothe. 
Price: £24.99
Scents: Lavender & Geranium 
Buy it here 

Mummy Bee Reed Diffuser from Beefayre - Lavender and geranium reed diffuser with bee on bottle design

4. "Amber & Cedarwood" by The Wild Botanist
Best for: Sophistication, decoration, essential oil volume
Price: £24.99
Scents: Amber, cedarwood, Mexican Cocoa Bean, 
Buy it here

The Wild Botanist Reed Diffuser Collection - Handmade in Cambridge for the finest Reed Diffuser UK options

5. "India" by Vintage Vegan
Best for: New Arrival, Vintage Style, Scent Throw
Price: £19.99
Scents: Fresh Lime, Cut Basil, Sweet Mandarin
Buy it here

Vintage Vegan Reed Diffusers come in stylish medecine style bottles and have soft white reed diffuser sticks

Bonus Choice!
Heyland & Whittle Christmas Reed Diffusers!

Best for: Festive Fragrances, Spice, Sweetness, Value
Price: £19.99
Scents: Mulled Wine, Spiced Orange, Clove & Christmas!
Buy it here

Heyland and whittle reed diffusers for sale at

Helpful Tips & Tricks

How long do reed diffusers last
That all depends on the volume and type of oil used as well as a few things you can do to ensure your diffuser lives as long as it should.
Most essential oil diffusers are between 150ml and 200ml (though check before you buy!) - and last around 3-6 months.

Keep your diffuser away from direct sunlight or any overly heated rooms as this will dry them out quickly, cause the diffuser sticks to become brittle and the essential oil to evaporate quicker than usual. 

Once a week, take the diffuser sticks and turn them upside down as this will keep them moist and fresh as well as boosting the fragrance in the room. 

How often do you need to replace diffuser sticks
You only need to replace reed diffuser sticks if you are replacing or topping up the oil in your diffuser bottle.
If you a topping up with the same fragrance and it has been under 6 months, then you can usually keep the same reeds in place however - if you are putting a different oil into the bottle or jar, we don't recommend keeping the reeds as they will suffer from scent contamination (yes thats a thing!) and if the oils are different ingredients they could react badly too. 

Replacement Reeds
You can buy replacement or alternative reed diffuser sticks for your diffuser at anytime and there are plenty of options from wooden diffuser sticks, to cotton fibre reeds and natural dried flower reeds - all of these options are perfectly fine and it is a matter of personal taste and the look you are going for. 

Reed Diffuser Refill
After a while the oil in your diffuser will evaporate and run down (especially if you are using a cheap reed diffuser as these often don't have essential oil ingredients and are synthetically perfumed water blends instead).
You can buy reed diffuser refills at many places both online and offline.  It's often worth shopping around to see if your favourite diffuser comes with a spare replacement oil, especially if it is a handmade or limited edition diffuser which may be tricky to replace!
What is the big fuss about essential oils, aren't they just more expensive? 
Actually no. They last a lot longer and will give you much better value for money than water based diffusers as these will evaporate quickly in the sunlight and have a weaker scent throw than essential oils.
Additionally, as well as smelling nice, essential oils contain many health and wellbeing properties due to their composition made of pure extracts of flowers, herbs and botanicals.
For example, a lavender reed diffuser with essential oil of lavender extract has proven qualities to help calm the mind, promote peaceful sleep and relax muscle groups. Lemon, Verbena, Mint and other such oils can relieve headaches while pine and eucalyptus improve concentration. Trust us, these are well worth the money and will bring you great comfort and benefits. 

Best reed diffuser reviews
As part of the new Wicks & Reeds Blog - we will be reviewing and sharing our favourite candle and diffuser of the week. The next reed diffuser review article will be coming very soon so keep an eye on our blog and social media!

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