Best Tea light candles - from soy to beeswax - what you should know

When it comes to buying the best tea light candles, it's a matter of choice but you may not know just how much choice there is! We've put together some information about the types of tea lights available, the pros and cons and what to look for. 

What types of tea light candles are available? 
There are many different wax types used in making tea lights from 100% Soy wax to Soy blends, vegetable extracts such as coconut, rapeseed and almond, beeswax tea lights (our favourite!) and of course traditional wax options such as parrafin. Of course at Wicks & Reeds we favour all things natural, eco and sustainable which is why we don't recommend or sell non-organic and chemical based tealights. 

As well as the type of wax used to make the tea lights, options range from traditional white tea light candles to coloured, scented and non-scented and all kinds of shapes too.

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We're a little bit obsessed with these handmade pure beeswax tea lights at the moment! They burn longer as beeswax is harder than other waxes and the emit a sweet, floral, comforting smells from the wildflowers that the bees naturally forage from and harvest their nectar and pollen!

How long do tea light candles burn?
3 - 4 hours on average. Long-lasting tea lights will burn for approximately double this with slow burning or hard wax such as a beeswax tea light lasting for about 7 hours. 

How much do they cost? 
Traditionally you may think of quite cheap tea lights though of course we get what we pay for and these can burn out in 30 mins or less - leave a mess and are often made of paraffin wax filled with chemicals, parabens and even formaldehyde (honestly!). Though they may cost a little more, we wholeheartedly recommend trying out some of the best tea lights out there such as handmade soy wax or beeswax ones. Depending on the quantity you purchase, they can cost around £0.70p to £1.50 each but will last longer, burn cleaner and provide all round better quality. 

Can I recycle tea lights? 
Tea light candles with aluminium cups or plastic containers can't be recycled. However, we recommend trying out these 100% compostable tea lights made from pure soy for a nice soft burn and with a fully recyclable cup as the surrounding mold is made from hardened vegetable compound only. We love them! 

What else can I use them for? 
A wax melt burner is a great way to use tea lights as the gentle heat will slowly warm your scented wax melts or essential oils creating a fragrant and serene atmosphere in any room.  

best tea light candles to use with wax melt burners - read our tealight burner blog here
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