Coming soon! The Wicks & Reeds Home Fragrance Awards 2021

Wicks and Reeds Home Fragrance Awards 2021
We're delighted to announce the first ever "Wicks & Reeds Home Fragrance Awards" celebrating the best of British small business & independent makers in the Home Fragrance industry. 

Launching in spring 2021 the first annual event covers the following categories: 

  • Best Independent Home Fragrance Brand 2021
  • Best Newcomer
  • Best Use of Recycled Materials
  • Best Scented Candle
  • Best Reed Diffuser
  • Best Wax Melt
  • Best Beeswax Candles
  • Best Handmade Soap
  • Best Scent Innovation
  • People’s Choice
  • Best Branding & Packaging
  • Best Vegan Brand
  • Best Eco Fragrance Brand

Aimed at raising awareness for small businesses, Wicks & Reeds Managing Director Thomas Dee said: " There are so many talented and innovative artisans from all regions of the UK making some of the finest quality handcrafted home fragrance products available today that we wanted to celebrate that and highlight why buying small batch, handmade products from local producers is a great thing.

With the post-Covid economy and the ever growing online/offline retail divide, this is our way of supporting small British businesses by raising their online visibility and profiles. We're hoping for wide participation in the first year of our awards scheme and really encourage people to share and enter as much as possible". 

The Wicks & Reeds Awards is open to all small and independent scent markers as long as the products are handmade in the UK using sustainable, organic, cruelty-free and ethical ingredients. 

For full information about The Wicks & Reeds Awards visit the competition homepage here 

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