Home Fragrance Tips - Fast vs lasting fragrances

When it comes to home fragrances, buying & making the most of your products is as important as choosing your favourite scent at the perfume shop or using clever tips and tricks to decorate your home. 

We've put together our best way to fragrance your home tips and get it smelling show home fresh!

Fast vs lasting fragrances
The first thing to think about when looking for home fragrances is whether you're looking for an "occasion scent" - fast fragrances such as scented candles or a lasting fragrance to serve as a natural air freshener or room fragrance such as a reed diffuser. You probably want a bit of both so here's a quick breakdown. 

Fast Fragrances: 
Great for creating an instant room fragrance through releasing essential oils and perfume scents. All of these options will create a delightful atmosphere infused with your chosen scent and will last while they are being burned and for a short time afterwards. 

  • Scented Candles
    THE go to option for fast room fragrance with the added benefit of creating that gorgeous low light dancing flame atmosphere for extra effect. Remember to look for an essential oil, pure wax candle for better quality of ingredients, long lasting candles and better scent throw (the dispersal of fragrance throughout the room!). Cheap scented candles will burn quickly, and are often merely perfumed or injected with scent rather than containing essential oils as part of the melting and moulding process... 

    TIP! You don't have to light a good quality scented candle to get the most out of it. Place a candle on a bedside table or sofa side table and you will benefit from the aroma release as the wax heats and cools with the room temperature. Keeping your luxury candle under a cloche (glass cover) is also a great idea for when you want a quick sniff! This will preserve the scent and candle for longer. BUT - candles ARE made to be burned - don't put it off forever and remember any day can become a special occasion. Take some time out for you, there's nothing better than a quiet cuppa on the sofa with your favourite album on and lighting that candle you've been looking for an excuse to for ages. 

  • Scented Tea Light Candles
    Short & sweet, great for a quick burst of fragrance and absolutely ideal for creating a welcoming or relaxed atmosphere with little effort or cost. There are plenty of choices of scented tea light candles these days - from beeswax tea lights to vegan scented soy options. Check out some of our tea light candles over here  
    TIP! Use tea light candles to create a fragrance zone throughout your home. For example leading from the hallway to the dining room or bathroom to bedroom. A great tip to save money and create a fab fragrance is to place 1 scented tea light candle followed by 2 unscented tea lights - the scent will carry a few metres and ensure a balanced well dispersed scent throw throughout the house.  

  • Essential Oil Diffuser
    Not to be confused with a wax melt burner or oil burner, oil diffusers are generally electric oil burners that slowly heat and release essential oils into the room either continuously or intermittently with small puffs of scented oil smoke. Use essential oil drops in water to create a base scent for your room. Consider scents for different purposes. Floral and citrus scents such as lemon essential oil will create an uplifting fresh fragrance while lavender essential oil is good for sleeping and relaxation, peppermint and eucalyptus oil are good for concentration and so on. Check the labels on the essential oils or research online to find the best scent for you. 
    TIP! Wash out your burner after each use as scent contamination can lead to some unpleasant smells depending on the combination!

  • Wax Melt Burner & Oil Burners
    These are heated by tea light candles and have a pool shaped dip to place wax melts or cubes and can be used with essential oils also. They are a great option as completely natural and give off a lovely low and warming glow at the same time and depending on the type of wax melt burner you go for will cast shadows for extra effect.  Soy wax melts have become hugely popular in the last few years and you can find them in all shapes, sizes and smells! Check out some of our wax melts over here...

  • Incense Sticks & Cones
    Probably the oldest form of home fragrance originating in ancient China where dried and powdered sticks made from blends of herbs and plants such as cinnamon and sandalwood were lit for ceremonies, funerals and worship. Today Incense sticks continue to be widely used and are a great way to perfume a room. Often associated with spirituality and meditation - fragrances tend to be based on heavier scents and are often powerful and intoxicating blends.

    Incense sticks generally last for up to an hour when burned indoors in an upright position. 
    TIP! Use an incense stick holder or heavy ceramic bowl to catch the ashes. These are generally organic (check before you buy!) and can be scattered over garden vegetable and plant crops as nutrients from the herbs and plants will permeate soil and help your crops grow!

Long Lasting Room Fragrances: 
Perfect for creating a base fragrance for a room that will release slowly over weeks or months and subtly infuse the air with a pleasant yet not overwhelming fragrance. It may take a day or two to get used to the new scent in a room but after that you will be used to it and guests will also notice a big difference when visiting. 

  • Reed Diffuser and refills
    The best way to fragrance your home naturally is to use a reed diffuser containing natural organic ingredients and essential oils. You can find out tons of information about reed diffusers as well as our top 10 picks for 2021 on our Reed Diffuser Blog Post Over Here
    TIP! For a more natural look and smell - try a small glass jar or vase (jam jars work a treat!) with essential oils and dried flower stems.
    Fill the jar about a third to a half full at most - lemon essential oil works well for an all round freshness and natural odour eliminator! Dried flowers with long stems such as alliums work well and you can cut to the desired length. They look fantastic and absorb and disperse the aroma really well!
    Don't forget - be kind and recycle or reuse diffuser and candle jars!

  • Essential Oils
    Sandalwood Oil or Lemon Essential Oil make great base room fragrances. Sandalwood for a more earthy, woody and opulent aroma while lemon oil will lift and refresh the room fragrance. You can use essential oil in many different ways. Diluted with water it can become an effective room spray and can also be applied to fabrics such as inner linings of cushions and curtains as well as carpets and blankets.
    TIP! BE CAREFUL to read the labels of the products you purchase and check for added ingredients or chemicals which could stain your fabrics. Always do a test patch first!

  • Dried Plant & Herb Room Fragrances
    The most natural way of all. Dried and crushed flowers & herbs can create great room fragrances. Small muslin or similar material pouches filled with dried crushed lavender can be a great addition to any space and work particularly well for wardrobes and drawers. There are so many options to choose from and the beauty of this type of scent method is you can make your own from your very own garden. We recently made some chamomile and dried moss pouches but you can experiment with most dried florals and botanicals. 
    TIP! Heated lavender is one of the best natural sleeping remedies available. Put some dried, crushed lavender in a small cloth bag, place on a radiator at night in your bedroom and the room will slowly perfume with a deeply comforting, intoxicating scent of lavender which is guaranteed to lead to a serene and deep sleep!

Small room fragrance ideas
Often smaller spaces are ones that could use a touch of aroma assistance the most!  Bathrooms, boot rooms, hallways, small kitchens & under stair closets are all ideal candidates and for most of these you want to find a room fragrance that is long lasting, not overpowering and most important of all, not naked flame based. Mini reed diffuser or essential oil diffusers (plugin or electric) are a good option.

Thanks for reading - we hope that's given you some ideas. If you're feeling inspired, we'd love to see your pics and stories. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram where you can see lots of other tips as well as prizes and offers on our ranges!

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