How to look after your candle

Candles are an excellent way to dress a room, fragrance your home or office and even lift your moods but with a little extra care, your candle can last much longer. 

So whether you've received a lovely scented candle as a gift or purchased one for yourself, check out our top tips for how to look after your candle. 

1. First Candle Burn
The most important thing you could ever do for your new candle. Make sure when you first light it that you allow the top layer of wax to melt completely so that there are no "walls" or wax stuck to the edge of the jar. This should take between 1 and 2 hours and you should achieve a completely liquid pool of wax. Sometimes, a thin almost translucent layer of wax can remain coating the side of the jars - in this case, very gently swirl the jar in an even circular motion so that the hot pool of melted wax melts down any remaining residue. Once this is done and you have a full formed pool then your candle is ready to be blown out for the first time. The candle will "remember" this shape and as long as you burn evenly in future and only blow out when the wax pool forms, then you will not have any waste or frustrating wall shapes.  

 How to look after your candle - first burn time and wax pool
If your candle doesn't have a fully melted, liquid wax pool like this - it isn't ready to be blown out yet!


2. Trim the wick
Another excellent way to make your candle last longer is to keep the wick trimmed to a neat short length above the surface of the wax. Depending on the type of wax and wick used in your candle, soot and dried particles can cling to the wick making it brittle and likely to break or blacken and cause wick smoke which detracts from the scent of the candle fragrance. An ideal candle wick length is about half an inch above the surface of the wax. You can trim the wick with any long sharp scissors or even better buy a pair of candle wick trimmers which will allow you to reach down into the jar until the very end. 

3. When to blow your candle out
Similar to the first burn, remember to only blow out your candle when there is a fully melted pool of wax right to the edge of the glass. 

4. That last bit at the bottom
If you've remembered to get a full wax pool on the first burn, kept your wick trimmed and only blown out when the wax pool is full formed then you will have made the most of your candle and not wasted any wax. However, we suggest leaving about an inch of wax at the bottom of the jar when your candle reaches the end of it's life as burning a candle to the very end can sometimes cause overheating and cracking to the bottom of the glass jar. It can also sometimes start to smell a little bitter as any leftover residue or soot particles at the bottom of the wick can burn too hot. 

5. Repurposed candle jars
Don't forget to reuse your candle jar! We hate waste but also find that glass candle containers can make beautiful jars for small wildlfowers, pencil holders, , cutlery containers for picnics, toothbrush holders and even a nice range of eclectic drinking glasses for those flat rimmed candle jars. 

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