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Wicks and Reeds, like many businesses born in 2020, was conceived from a need for or rather a yearning for change. A way of living and sharing a new reality - one in which the chaos and uncertainty of the outside world melted away and became subdued by a growing inner peace and balance.

Fragile and new certainly, but present nonetheless an unshakable desire to cast off the troubles and trappings of hectic city life in favour of a healthier, more organic and contemplative lifestyle. 

Don't get me wrong dear browser, this blog is not the rambling musings of an increasingly introverted exiled millennial, rather a contextual intro to the DNA that steers Wicks & Reeds. 

Lockdown taught me/us that where there had been certainty, securities and comfort - there could quickly spring up opposites of each and yet for those willing to look and listen, true comforts and treasures were abundant.

Simple joys such as gardening, rediscovering our homes and neighbourhoods, becoming closer whilst socially-distancing to people we had little time for in person beforehand. Good food, a peaceful home, a renewed vigour for exercise and self-care became vital. Even more so for many of us, self-care extended beyond the realms of physical wellbeing and into a need for a peaceful, fulfilling and sustainable existence. This is certainly true for me. 

At the time of writing this as we approach winter 2020 and the probable double whammy that is Covid-19 round 2, a lot remains out of our hands and the future is uncertain still. However we can build on new foundations to continue down a path towards a happier, freer existence. For me, that includes regular meditation and quiet-contemplation as well as a peaceful home in which to practice these new pursuits. 

How is any of this relevant?
It is a truth that any environment can be enhanced by the gentle and cleansing scents of sage or lavender whilst refreshing and invigorating fragrances such as pine, lemon, rosemary and many others can bring energy, clarity and balance. 

Candles, reed diffusers, aromatherapy oils, incense sticks and other aromatic apparatuses can transform homes and lift moods. 

I believe that buying clean-burning ethically-sourced organic and natural home fragrances carries an even cleaner energy and promotes well-being. This is why Wicks & Reeds seeks to support and promote brands that create all natural and organic products that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

Many of us find a higher power in the quiet simplicity yet incomprehensible power of nature which is why respecting our planet and all of its inhabitants whether human or animal is an admirable and rewarding pursuit. 

We're lucky to have already partnered with some wonderful small-batch candle producers and fragrance makers in the UK who focus on handmade Soy Wax candles instead of using harmful paraffin, Vegan candles instead of using animal by-products and most important of all, for me at least, cruelty-free candles and fragrances that do not employ the despicable animal-testing methods of larger mass produced brands. 

I've summarised our simple core belief in the following words which represent the Wicks & Reeds approach to trading.

"Good for you. Good for nature."


Thank you for reading, welcome to Wicks & Reeds and best wishes for a safe and peaceful future. 


Thomas Dee
Founder - Wicks & Reeds


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