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Quick Candle Review: "Bee Free" Bluebell votive by BeeFayre

Quick Candle Review
2 minute mini vlog showcasing our favourite scented candles, reed diffusers & home fragrances. 

Name: "Bee Free - Bluebell Votive"
Maker: BeeFayre
Fragrances: Bluebell
Size: 9cl Votive Candle
Burn Time: Approx 25 hours
Wax Type: Natural Plant Wax
Price: £9.99

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Aromatherapy Candles are a fantastic, effective and affordable way to boost your mood and help, in a totally natural and chemical free way with all kinds of ailments. From Aromatherapy candles for anxiety and relaxation, to calming candles for sleep and even shifting headaches. 

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