The Bees are back in town!

Spring is just the best season isn't it? And this year we need it more than ever! March welcomes the return of many awaited seasonal joys - the warmth of the sun and it's light brightening up our days, the shooting up of wildflowers, bulbs and emerging seedlings, the dawn chorus of birdsong and... the return of the bees!

We love bees for their wonderful and many contributions and this is the time of year when they emerge in their small armies to labour away foraging for pollen and nectar to produce their springtime treats. 

We've curated a section of all natural beeswax products from our beeswax taper candles to the new collection of beeswax tealight candles to natural lip balms and handcreams. You can find our full beeswax range here

And the best thing, we think, about beeswax candles is that no two are the same. We only use 100% natural beeswax harvested from forager bees that are free to fly and forage across natural environments such as the beeswax dining candles handmade in Devon where the bees roam across Exminster and Powderham Marshes Nature Reserve. Each batch is naturally scented with the fragrance of over 60 types of wildflower they naturally collect pollen from. 

Beeswax candles also have tremendous natural wellbeing benefits. They've long been considered natural air purifiers as they emit negative ions which can increase a positive mood and reduce anxiety and tension headaches. 

Beeswax is also more solid than other candle waxes such as Soy or Coconut and theerfore burns longer. A traditional pillar candle can burn for 50 to 100 hours depending on the size and type of wick used! 

They also burn brighter and with a taller flame for an overall warm golden glow and natural honey scent. We think they're just the best and encourage you to try them out if you haven't already!

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