Wax melt burner & best wax melts - which to buy and how to use?

So you've decided to treat yourself or a friend and buy a wax melt burner. They are after all hugely popular and a great way way to fragrance your home, but there are plenty of choices - what type to get, where to buy, how to use and clean etc... so we thought we would answer a few common questions and hopefully help. 
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How do wax melt burners work?
A ceramic or similar material wax melt burner holds one or several solid wax melts in a shallow pool shaped area which is heated from underneath by a tea light candle. As the heat from the tea light warms the burner, the wax above melts to form a wax puddle allowing the essential oil fragrance used in the wax to slowly "throw" the scent and perfume the room. 

wax melt burner tealights and tea light candles from wicks and reeds

100% Pure Beeswax Tea Light Candles - an excellent choice to use in your wax melt warmer- click here to buy

Is it safe to burn wax melts?
Yes. Burning or more accurately warming wax melts is similar to burning a candle though there is no wick or soot and wax melts are therefore considered "clean burning". As with everything, there are some wax melts that are better than others which leads us on to...

Best wax melts to buy?
We believe in buying and burning clean fragrances - this means candles and wax melts that are made from sustainable and healthy sources such as pure soy wax, coconut and almond oil, rapeseed or 100% vegetable/floral ingredients. These are safe to use at home for both humans and animals. However, some cheap wax melts can be made of paraffin and contain nasty toxins and parabens that can be carcinogenic and bad for you and the environment so always check before you buy!

The best wax melts (in our opinion!) are handmade soy wax melts  as they are 100% natural but also have a lovely soft wax quality which allows for a gentle slow burn and releases fragrance over time. 

best wax melts - handmade soy wax melts scented wax bars from wicks and reeds

Floral & Botanical Wax Bars are some of the best wax melts as they contain dried wildflowers and have a strong and sophisticated fragrance. Each bar contains 10 cubes which burn for 6-8 hours burn time. Great value for money too! Click here to buy

How long do wax melts last?
Typically a 70g wax melt will burn for approx 4-6 hours depending on the wax used. 

Can I put essential oils in a wax burner? 
Of course. We recommend filling the bowl or pool shaped area of your wax melt burner with water first and then adding a few drops or splashes of your favourite essential oil. This will make the oil last longer and protect the burner from overheating, smoking and cracking.  

Can you mix wax melts?
You can indeed and we think this is a great and fun way to experiment with home fragrances and discover what kind of combinations you enjoy. You can top up once your wax has melted a bit, simply add another wax melt, cube, few drops of essential oil or even any leftover broken pieces of hard wax from your favourite candle! There are no rules - the only rule to remember, as with all candles and lit fragrances is to never leave a lit candle or tea light burning when out of the room for long periods...  Wax melt burners can "spit" if there is too much water and oil combined or overflow if you have put too much wax in the bowl so it's best to enjoy your wax melt whilst you're in the room to keep an eye on it.

Can I use wax melts without a burner? 
Yes. In reality anything can be a burner or wax warmer - you just need a heat source such as a tea light candle and a vessel with a bowl or pool shape to take the wax. 

How do you know when a wax melt is finished? 
The trick is to not overfill your warmer so that it has too much of a wax pool built up. When a wax melt is wearing down, you will notice that the fragrance isn't as strong as before and the wax will start to give off small clouds of clear smoke after a while. This is when you should change, top up or throw away your wax - before it becomes to dry and the smoke darkens in colour meaning that your burner is overheating and does not have enough wax. 

How do I clean my wax melt burner?
When you are finished melting your wax melt, allow to cool down but not go hard or cold completely, then take some tissue paper and wipe around the bowl of the wax melt burner so that any unwanted or leftover wax is absorbed into the tissue paper - this can then be thrown away. Do NOT put warm wax down the sink or toilet as this will go hard upon cooling and can crack and clog up pipes. 

Hopefully some of that was helpful and we hope you have a lot of fun with your new hobby - careful though, it can become very addictive and soon you'll have more melts than you know what to do with! 

Happy melting!
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