Duomo 1436 Diffuser: Leather, White Truffle & Lemon Peel

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"We descended the sprawling Tuscan hills and came upon the Mercato di Firenze. Under the shadow of the Duomo, the bustling stalls of the market filled the narrow streets with wondrous scents from the leathers of the many skilled merchants to the farmers paniers of fresh lemons and delicate white truffles. The air hung heavy with the sweet, musky and intoxicating scents in a manner we had never felt before". - The Wild Botanist

Leather, White Truffle & Lemon Peel
This layered and complex aroma immediately transports you to the streets of Florence. A deep and sensual leather top note is carried on a middle layer of sweet but earthy white truffle whilst the waxy, sharp notes of the lemon peel cut through to provide a rounded and balanced fragrance.
  • Hand poured in England
  • 200ml Diffuser;
  • Lasts: Average 60 days.
  • net wt. 7oz (200g).
  • Bottle H: 120mm D: 68mm.

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