Madagascar Diffuser: Roasted Vanilla, Oak & Spiced Dried Fruits

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"Our route from the trading outposts of Mozambique led us via the tropical island of Madagascar where we found a paradise of unrivalled beauty. A jewel of the Indian sea, it was teeming with luscious canopy of verdant trees and vines and alive with birdsong such as we had never heard. Everywhere, the intoxicating scent of sun ripening vanilla pods filled the air and gave chase to the senses." - The Wild Botanist

Roasted Vanilla, Oak & Spiced Dried Fruits
A robust, caramelised head note of roasted vanilla bean, with hints of oak bark and spiced, dried fruits.
  • Hand poured in England
  • 200ml Diffuser;
  • Lasts: Average 60 days.
  • net wt. 7oz (200g).
  • Bottle H: 120mm D: 68mm.

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