Baked Apple & Blueberry Pie - limited edition Christmas Candle handmade in England

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in the UK
Pure organic

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Christmas is our favourite time of year and brings out the festive and fun side of our master Chandler. This limited edition celebrates the run up to Christmas with the homely comforts of freshly baked warm apple pie with a richness of blueberries, butter pastry and candy cane syrup finished with a subtle minty freshness.

Beautifully presented in our large glass tumblers (which can be kept and reused) this hand poured special edition will infuse your home with an instantly nostalgic and comforting scent and truly set the tone for a cosy Christmas.

Top Note: Fresh Blueberries
Middle Note: Spiced Baked Apple
Base Notes: Sugar Syrup & Mint

100% Soy wax. Pure essential oils.
Perfume grade fragrance. Cotton wick.
Cruelty-Free. Vegan.
Hand-poured in the UK.

Large Candle;
Burn time: Up to 50 hours.
net wt. 9.9oz (280g).
H: 100mm D: 85mm.