Bergamot & Lime Large Scented Candle by Heyland & Whittle - 230g

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Fresh and green, lively and bright, lush as a Mediterranean citrus grove

These new and improved Heyland & Whittle candles are made from a blend of sustainable soy wax which burns very evenly down the glass. Part of the new home fragrance candles range, this a fast and effective way to fill your room with fantastic new and classic fragrances. 

About Heyland & Whittle
A British soap and home fragrance manufacturer, well known for creating beautiful natural products, the traditional way. Inspired by nature, Heyland & Whittle use the traditional cold-processed method to produce the finest handmade soaps and fragrances. They use only the very best natural ingredients essential oils, herbs, spices and pure colourants, like madder root and turmeric to produce a product range free from parabens and sulphates and which is handmade in England.