Relax - Luxury softwood reed diffuser - by Nala
Relax - Luxury softwood reed diffuser - by Nala
Relax - Luxury softwood reed diffuser - by Nala

Relax - Luxury softwood reed diffuser - by Nala

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A luxury glass diffuser with softwood reeds with a calming, hand blended combination of ylang ylang, lavender and juniper berry pure essential oils. With deeply soothing characteristics, unwind and calm your mind and body.

Our carefully hand-blended pure essential oils have been chosen specifically for their therapeutic properties. With nature at the heart, this unique combination has been designed to relax your mind and body.

Luxury Glass Diffuser (Capacity: 200ml)
150ml Bottle of Diffuser Oil
Softwood Reeds


Ylang Ylang – meaning ‘flower of flowers’ let the exotic and warming aromas soothe your soul and improve your mood.

Lavender – with floral and herbaceous notes, relax your active mind. The lavender flower reduces stress and tension.

Juniper Berry – with purifying and cleansing properties, the crisp, woody and fruity notes eliminate negative toxins from the body, reduces anxiety and mental fatigue.



Our diffuser oil is made with pure essential oils, hand blended with an eco-friendly plant derived base oil. Essential oils contain no artificial fragrances, chemicals or colours.

Diffuser oil is contained within a recyclable glass bottle with a recyclable aluminium screw cap.



Our glass diffusers are made of high quality, recyclable glass and are designed to hold a large volume of diffuser oil.



Our natural diffuser reeds are made from biodegradable softwood.



All labels and label adhesives are biodegradable and compostable. Label material is made from bagasse, a by-product of sugar cane processing.

All cardboard used in our packaging is recyclable and made using wood fibre sourced from sustainably managed forests.