Seaweed Handmade Organic Soap Bar by Heyland & Whittle - 120g

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A sea green soap loaded with spirulina seaweed (high in natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids) and enriched with hemp oil (traditionally known for its moisturising properties). Use this soap to soothe and nourish dry problem skins.

The creamy texture of the soap bars gently cleanses and nourishes all skin types and are free from parabens and sulphates.

About Heyland & Whittle
A British soap and home fragrance manufacturer, well known for creating beautiful natural products, the traditional way. Inspired by nature, Heyland & Whittle use the traditional cold-processed method to produce the finest handmade soaps.

They use only the very best natural ingredients essential oils, herbs, spices and pure colourants, like madder root and turmeric to produce a product range free from parabens and sulphates and which is handmade in England.