Wicks & Reeds home fragrance gift card

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Treat someone special ( remember that can include yourself!) to a luxury home fragrance from Wicks & Reeds.‚Â

Scent is proven to be the most evocative and nostalic of all our senses and as such, scented candles, reed diffusers and other home fragrances make the perfect gift to show someone you appreciate them.‚Â

Our gift cards start at ‚£10 and you can select the value when checking out.‚Â

If you would like to order an item as a gift instead, you are able to specify a delivery address and include a personal note on your order and we will send a gift wrapped item with no payment information directly to your special someone.‚Â

Feel free to contact our lovely team on info@wicksandreeds.com if you have any questions. Thank you